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We are an animal sanctuary based in Carmarthenshire, West Wales and dedictated to the care and well being of cats and other animals of all types with particular reference to elderly animals who may otherwise be difficult to home. If you are looking for a new (lifelong family friend) please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your needs and our requirements.

Please browse through our site and see the work we do, the results we have and the support we need to continue our work.

We'd be happy to hear from you if you feel you may help us by way of donations, purchase of our small range of products or in any other manner that could help us help the animals.

Why not subscribe to our quarterly newsletter (please dont forget to make your donation of just £5.00 for the entire year!!!) you can donate any amount you wish.

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We are always very grateful for donations of any kind. If you would like to donate please contact us for details